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Why choose us for your fireworks and explosives insurance?

We are a trusted insurance provider for the fireworks and explosives industry

Fireworks insurance at the lowest price

You want the best fireworks insurance you can get at the lowest price. We make that happen. We know your business backwards and forwards. We can custom tailor a policy to meet your needs exactly.

Family-owned business

Combined Insurance Specialties is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience with pyrotechnics and explosives insurance. You will speak with the owners and experts directly, not a salesperson.

We are shooters and members of four pyrotechnic organizations. We will get you exactly what fireworks or explosives insurance coverage you need at the best price.

Fireworks insurance tailored to your needs

We custom tailor a policy just for you to save you money. You will get what you need now and can add more or less during the year as needed. For example, you need $5 million in limits for displays, but only $1 million for fireworks product sales. We can do that. Or you choose to carry $1 million on displays and have one or two shows that require $5 million. We offer excess liability on a "per show basis".

We provide many types of fireworks and explosives insurance

We cover Fireworks Manufacturers, Explosives Exporters and Importers, Fireworks Class C Retailers, Fireworks Class B Wholesalers, Fireworks Display Companies, SPFX Companies, Movie Explosions, Ship Shows, Mock Military Training, Air Shows, Indoor SPFX, Anvil Lifting, Sporting Events, Ammo Storage and more.

Fireworks insurance is our passion

We answer our phones. You talk with the experts. We are different from those impersonal 800 number insurance companies and websites that want to sell you and don’t really care about your individual needs. We do care. We do listen to you. And we will get you what you need at the lowest price.

We are active members of these pyrotechnic associations

With 30+ years of experience as leaders in the industry we are happy to support our industry  as members of the following associations.

We have understood your business for 30 years. We are not just brokers, we are shooters and members of four pyrotechnic organizations. We do not just give you a premium quote, we take the time to understand your business.

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